TESLA Reports 1998

TESLA Reports 1998
application/pdf TESLA 1998-01 (751KB)
RF Steering Experiments on TTF
Stéphane Fartoukh - CE Saclay
application/pdf TESLA 1998-02 (596KB)
Some Results about RRR Distribution in Nb of Superconducting Cavities for the TESLA Test Facility
Huaming Wen, Waldemar Singer, Dieter Proch - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-03 (820KB)
The TESLA Detector
Siegfried Schreiber - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-04 (921KB)
Modeling of He II Two-Phase Flow for the TESLA 500 Cryogenic System
N.N. Filina - NPO Cryogenmash;
John G. Weisend, Siegfried Wolff - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-05 (6.3 MB)
R & D Issues in the Field of Superconducting Cavities (Transparencies from the TESLA Meeting March 9 - 11., 1998)
application/pdf TESLA 1998-06 (12.4 MB)
Transparencies from the TESLA Meeting at DESY, March 9-11, 1998
application/pdf TESLA 1998-07 (939KB)
Multi-bunch Experiments on TTF
Stéphane Fartoukh - CEA Saclay
application/pdf TESLA 1998-08 (864KB)
Superconducting Superstructure for the TESLA Collider
Jacek Sekutowicz, Chuanxiang Tang - DESY;
Massimo Ferrario - INFN Frascati
application/pdf TESLA 1998-09 (732KB)
Hydroforming Test of Back Extruded Niobium Tube
I. Gonin, I. Jelezov, Hartwig Kaiser, Waldemar Singer, - DESY;
M. Oehring, H.-G. Priesmeyer - GKSS;
R. Schnieber, H.-G. Brokmeier, - TU Clausthal
application/pdf TESLA 1998-10 (1.2 MB)
A Hilbert Transform Spectrometer Using a High Tc Josephson Junction for Bunch Length Measurements at the TTF Linac
M. Geitz, Klaus Hanke, Peter Schmüser - DESY and II Phys. Institute of Hamburg Univ.;
Y.Y. Divin, U. Poppe - FZ Jülich GmbH;
V.V. Pavlovskii, V.V. Shirotov, O.Y. Volkov - Inst. of Radioengineering & Electronics of RAS, Moscow;
Manfred Tonutti - III. Phys. Inst. of RWTH Aachen
application/pdf TESLA 1998-11 (1.2 MB)
Counter Current Flow Study in a 65 mm I.D. Tube Scaled for the TESLA Design
A. Gauthier, B. Jager, B. Rousset - CEN Grenoble
application/pdf TESLA 1998-12 (626KB)
Experimental Determination of the Electrical Axis in TESLA Cavities
Craig Deibele - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-13 (383KB)
A New Method to Detect the High Impedance Dipole Modes of TESLA Cavities
Stéphane Fartoukh - CEA Saclay
application/pdf TESLA 1998-14 (818KB)
Filling and Beam Loading in TESLA Superstructures
Martin Dohlus - DESY;
Hans-Walter Glock, D. Hecht, Ursula van Rienen - Universität Rostock
application/pdf TESLA 1998-15 (908KB)
Tracking Studies in the Longitudinal Phase Space for the TESLA Damping Ring Design
Christopher Burnton - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-16 (628KB)
Towards the Third Generation of TTF Cryomodule
D. Barni, Carlo Pagani, P. Pierini - INFN Milano, LASA
application/pdf TESLA 1998-17 (834KB)
Beam Dynamic Aspects of the TESLA Power Coupler
M. Zhang, Chuanxiang Tang - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-18 (568KB)
The New Front End Module of the TTF Strip-Line BPM Detector With Single Bunch Response
L. Cacciotti, P. Patteri, Franco Tazzioli - INFN Frascati
application/pdf TESLA 1998-19 (18.7 MB)
Transparencies from the TESLA Meeting at DESY, July 6-8, 1998
application/pdf TESLA 1998-20 (2.6 MB)
Vector Sum Control of Pulsed Accelerating Fields in Lorentz Force Detuned Superconducting Cavities (Thesis)
Thomas Schilcher - DESY/Universität Hamburg
application/pdf TESLA 1998-21 (1.1 MB)
DESY Contributions to the ICEC17, 14-17 July 1998, Bounemouth, UK
application/pdf TESLA 1998-22 (495KB)
Bunch Lengthening in TESLA Damping Ring
Kaoru Yokoya - KEK
application/pdf TESLA 1998-23 (1.4 MB)
Application of the Mode Matching Technique for the Computation of the Beam Parameters on an Infinite Periodic Structure
Andreas Jöstingmeier, Martin Dohlus, Norbert Holtkamp - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-24 (1.1 MB)
Computation of the Absorption Characteristics of a Two-Dimensional Rectangular Waveguide Array Using the Mode Matching Technique
Andreas Jöstingmeier, Martin Dohlus, Norbert Holtkamp - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-25 (756KB)
RF Kick Measurement on TTF and Comparison with the TESLA Specifications
Stéphane Fartoukh, Marcel Jablonka, Olivier Napoly - CEA Saclay;
Terry Garvey - LAL Orsay;
Markus Hüning, Hans Weise - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-26 (1.5 MB)
Relative Nonuniformity in the Amplitude of the Accelerating Field Along the M x N-cell TESLA Supercavities
Martin Dohlus - DESY;
V. Kaljuzhny - MEPhI
application/pdf TESLA 1998-27 (1.5 MB)
Field Measurement Simulation and Measurement Error Estimation in TESLA Cavities at Room Temperature
Martin Dohlus, Norbert Holtkamp - DESY;
V. Kaljuzhny - MEPhI
application/pdf TESLA 1998-28 (8.0 MB)
Transparencies from the TTF Coupler Meeting Saclay, October 19-20, 1998
Ed. Stéphane Chel, Christian Travier - CEA Saclay
application/pdf TESLA 1998-29 (1.1 MB)
Beam Position Measurements at the TTF Linac
Pedro Castro - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-30 (1.1 MB)
Comparison of the Beam Parameters Corresponding to Corrugated Circular Waveguides and Planar Gratings
Andreas Jöstingmeier, Martin Dohlus - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1998-31 (1.1 MB)
Bunch Compressor Options for the New TESLA Parameters
Paul Emma - DAPNIA/SEA
application/pdf TESLA 1998-32 (808KB)
Multipole Field Tolerances in the TESLA Final Doublet Quadrupoles
Paul Emma, Olivier Napoly - DAPNIA/SEA
application/pdf TESLA 1998-33 (1.0 MB)
Dynamic Aperture and Collimation in the TESLA Beam Delivery System
Paul Emma, Olivier Napoly - DAPNIA/SEA