FLASH Accelerator Team

The FLASH Accelerator Core Team
Siegfried Schreiber : Head FLASH Accelerator

... The M-divisions FLASH group (MFL):
Siegfried Schreiber : group leader, injector lasers, electron source, radiation safety, general safety
Mathias Vogt : deputy, beam dynamics, PolariX, operations, accelerator theory
Juliane Roensch-Schulenburg : operations, novel FLASH2 operation modes, radiation safety
Johann Zemella : beam dynamics, new compression schemes, operations
Maximilian Falke : technical coordinator, collimators, screens, operations
Philipp Amstutz : the student, beam dynamics, accelerator theory
Florian Christie : PolariX, LOLA, former co-worker - many thanls for the great work!

... The technical coordinators:
Arne Brinkmann (MBB) : QA-officer, shift-leader, radiation safety
Maximilian Falke (MFL) : collimators, screens, operations
Juergen Haar (MBB) : electricity/cooling/AC, safety, shift-leader
Karsten Klose (MIN) : injector lasers, operations
Christian Gruen (MIN) : FPGA based controls for lasers, QA, operations, former co-worker - many thanls for the great work!

... Strong support from the M-division's machine physics group (MPY):
Christopher Gerth : laser heater
Katja Honkavaara : organization, scheduling, statistics
Lucas Schaper : FLASH2020+ project leader
Pardis Niknejadi : advanced external seeding simulations

... Experts in SASE set-up and tuning for specific experiments:
Marie Kristin Czwalinna (MSK)
Arvid Eislage (MHFe)
Vitali Kocharyan (MCS)
Juliane Roensch-Schulenburg (MFL)

... Strong support from FS:
Martin Beye : interim FLASH photon science leader
Rolf Treusch : photon experiments operational aspects (group leader)
Marion Kuhlmann : photon experiments operational aspects (FLASH2)
Ingmar Hartl (lasers)

... FLASHForward contact:
Richard d'Arcy (MPA2)
Stephan Wesch (FTX)

... and highly appreciated techncal, operational, and scientific support from most M-groups and the FS-FLASH groups
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The FLASH Accelerator Core Team