TESLA Reports 1996

TESLA Reports 1996
application/pdf TESLA 1996-01 (580KB)
On the Free Electron Laser Mode Operation in TESLA
Reinhard Brinkmann - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-02 (1004KB)
TESLA Damping Ring Impedances: Preliminary Design Consideration
V. D. Shiltsev - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-03 (4.9 MB)
R & D Issues in the Field of Superconducting Cavities
February 29, 1996, DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-04 (912KB)
strong>On a Possibility of Intense Positron Source for TESLA Based on HERA-e
A.V. Kiselev - Budker INP; V. D. Shiltsev - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-05 (128KB)
Field Enhancement of Superconducting Helical Undulator with Iron
Klaus Flöttmann, Susan G. Wipf - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-06 (852KB)
Pulse Generation for TESLA Considerations on SMES-Variants
Wolfgang Bothe - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-07 (1.0 MB)
Energy Propagation through the TESLA Channel: Measurements with Two Wave-Guide Modes
Hans-Walter Glock, Peter Hülsmann, C. Peschke, W.F.O. Müller, Horst Klein - Institut für Angewandte Physik, Univ. Frankfurt
application/pdf TESLA 1996-08 (511KB)
Diffraction Radiation as a Non-Intercepting Diagnostics for TTF: the Bunch Length Measurement
M. Castellano - INFN Frascati
application/pdf TESLA 1996-09 (11.1 MB)
TTF Input Coupler Workshop, DESY, May 29 and 30, 1996
Editors: Dieter Proch, Peter Schmüser - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-10 (1.0 MB)
Some Aspects of Diffusion in Niobium by High Temperature Gettering
Waldemar Singer - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1996-11 (946KB)
Very Fast Kicker for Accelerator Applications
B.I. Grishanov, F.V. Podgorny - Budker INP; J. Rümmler - DESY; V.D. Shiltsev - FNAL
application/pdf TESLA 1996-12 (3.3 MB)
Envelope Analysis of Intense Relativistic Quasi-Laminar Beams in RF Photoinjectors: A Theory of Emittance Compensation
Luca Serafini - INFN Milano; James Rosenzweig - UCLA