TESLA Reports 1995

TESLA Reports 1995
application/pdf TESLA 1995-01 (6.3 MB)
TESLA TEST FACILITY LINAC - Conceptual Design Report
Editor: Don A. Edwards
application/pdf TESLA 1995-02 (705KB)
Transverse Particle Motion in Radio Frequency Linear Accelerators
James Rosenzweig - UCLA; Luca Serafini - INFN and Università di Milano
application/pdf TESLA 1995-03 (1.1 MB)
Pulse Compression in TTF Injector II
James Rosenzweig - UCLA
application/pdf TESLA 1995-04 (1.0 MB)
Charge and Wavelength Scaling of RF Photoinjector Designs
James Rosenzweig - UCLA; E. Colby - FNAL/UCLA
application/pdf TESLA 1995-05 (532KB)
Energy Spread Sources in TESLA and TTF
Alban Mosnier, J.M. Tessier - CE Saclay
application/pdf TESLA 1995-06 (1.5 MB)
Multi-bunch Energy Spread Induced by Beam Loading in a Standing Wave Structure
Massimo Ferrario, Franco Tazzioli - INFN Frascati;
Alban Mosnier, J.M. Tessier - CE Saclay;
Luca Serafini - INFN Milano
application/pdf TESLA 1995-07 (790KB)
Energy Propagation through the TESLA Channel: The Regime of the First Waveguide Mode
Hans-Walter Glock, Martin Kurz, Peter Hülsmann, W.F.O. Müller, U, Niermann, C. Peschke, H. Klein - Johann Wolfgang Goethe Univ. Frankfurt/Main
application/pdf TESLA 1995-08 (11.1 MB)
Aufbau eines Experimentes und Messungen zum Multipacting Effekt
(Diploma Thesis, Report is in German)
Rüdiger Onken, Norbert Steinhauser - Fachhochschule Ostfriesland/DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-09 (14.9 MB)
R & D Issues in the Field of Superconducting Cavities
Editor: Dieter Proch - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-10 (1.2 MB)
Design Study of a Beam Dump for the TESLA and S-Band Test Facilities at DESY
I.S. Baishev, Mikhail A. Maslov - IHEP Protvino;
Mike Seidel - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-11 (5.6 MB)
Contributions to the PAC'95
application/pdf TESLA 1995-12 (3.7 MB)
Wärmeleitvermögen von Niob bei kryogenischen Temperaturen (Diploma Thesis, Report is in German)
Thomas Schilcher - Universität Regensburg/DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-13 (964KB)
High Pressure Water- and Electroerosion Cutting of Niobium
Dieter Proch, Waldemar Singer - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-14 (700KB)
On a Continuous Electron Beam Option at the TESLA and S-Band Linear Colliders
Reinhard Brinkmann - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-15 (1.0 MB)
Damping Rings for TESLA (Design Considerations)
P.R. Zenkevich - ITEP Moscow/DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-16 (602KB)
The Ejection System for TESLA Damping Rings
D. G. Koshkarev - ITEP Moscow
application/pdf TESLA 1995-17 (1.3 MB)
Bunch Compressor Beamlines for the TESLA and S-Band Linear Colliders
Paul Emma - SLAC
application/pdf TESLA 1995-18 (878KB)
An Exit Window for the TESLA Test Facility
Mike Seidel - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-19 (1.9 MB)
Influence of Ground Motion on the Time Evolution of Beams in Linear Colliders
Olivier Napoly - CE Saclay; Andrey Sery - INP Protvino
application/pdf TESLA 1995-20 (382KB)
Note on the Short Time Behaviour of Ground Motion
Stéphane Fartoukh, Olivier Napoly - CE Saclay; Andrey Sery - INP Protvino
application/pdf TESLA 1995-21 (6.9 MB)
Contributions to the CEC/ICMC '95, July 17 - 21, 1995 in Columbus, Ohio
application/pdf TESLA 1995-22 (968KB)
Beam-Beam Kicker for Superfast Bunch Handling
V.D. Shiltsev - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-23 (714KB)
Superconducting Magnet Package for the TESLA Test Facility
A. Koski, Rüdiger Bandelmann, Siegfried Wolff - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1995-24 (817KB)
Wiggler Options for TESLA Damping Ring
Reinhard Brinkmann, Joachim Pflüger, V. Shiltsev - DESY;
N. Vinokurov, P. Vobly - Budker INP Novosibirsk
application/pdf TESLA 1995-25 (924KB)
The TESLA Beam Collimation System
Reinhard Brinkmann, Alexandre Drozhdin, Daniel Schulte, Mike Seidel - DESY