TESLA Reports 1997

TESLA Reports 1997
application/pdf TESLA 1997-01 (422KB)
An RF Gun as a Polarized Source for TESLA
Siegfried Schreiber - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-02 (765KB)
Radiation Emitting Screen Performances for Low Emittance, Low Energy, Beam Measurements
M. Castellano - INFN Frascati; L. Catani - INFN-Roma2
application/pdf TESLA 1997-03 (1.7 MB)
Compton Polarimeter Studies for TESLA
G. Bardin, C. Cavata, J.P. Jorda - CEA Saclay
application/pdf TESLA 1997-04 (15.3 MB)
Transparencies from the TTF Meeting at DESY, March 10-12, 1997
application/pdf TESLA 1997-05 (3.4 MB)
Transparencies from the R&D Meeting at DESY, March 12-13, 1997
application/pdf TESLA 1997-06 (989KB)
Note on the SC Linear Collider TESLA Cavity Design
Jacek Sekutowicz, Dieter Proch - DESY;
Chuanxiang Tang - Tsinghua University

TESLA 1997-07
never published

application/pdf TESLA 1997-08 (2.8 MB)
Study of Electromagnetic and Hadronic Background in the Interaction Region of the TESLA Collider (Thesis)
Daniel Schulte - DESY/Universität Hamburg
application/pdf TESLA 1997-09 (365KB)
Production of MeV Gamma-Rays at the TTF
A.C. Melissinos - University of Rochester,
J.S.T. Ng - DESY

TESLA 1997-10
never published

application/pdf TESLA 1997-11 (902KB)
Wakefields in the Beamline of TTF Injector II
Chuanxiang Tang - Tsinghua University
J. Ng - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-12 (86KB)
Wakefields Induced by the Electron Beam Passing through the TESLA Accelerating System
E. Plawski - Soltan Institute
application/pdf TESLA 1997-13 (1.2 MB)
High Luminosity with TESLA 500
Reinhard Brinkmann - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-14 (457KB)
Beam Diagnostics Using Coherent Transition Radiation at the TESA Test Facility
- Klaus Hanke - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-15 (750KB)
Proposed Cleaning Procedures for the Vacuum Components for the TESLA Test Facility
Don Edwards, Dieter Hubert, Axel Matheisen, Hans-Peter Wedeking, Hans Weise, Kirsten Zapfe - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-16 (325KB)
Towards More Uniform Etching of Superconducting RF Cavities
Hartwig Kaiser - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-17 (946KB)
Luminosity Monitor Studies for TESLA
Olivier Napoly - CEN Saclay; Daniel Schulte - CERN
application/pdf TESLA 1997-18 (755KB)
Beam Size Measurement in Linear Colliders Using a Gradient Undulator and Off-Axis Detection
E.G. Bessonov - Lebedev Physical Institute,
Nicholas J. Walker, Susan G. Wipf - DESY
application/pdf TESLA 1997-19 (7.9 MB)
Measurement of Picosecond Electron Bunches in a Linear Accelerator (Thesis)
Klaus Hanke - Universität Hamburg
application/pdf TESLA 1997-20 (1.3 MB)
Analysis of Electron Multipacting in Coaxial Lines with Traveling and Mixed Waves
Pasi Ylä-Oijala - Rolf-Nevanlinna Institute
application/pdf TESLA 1997-21 (1.1 MB)
Suppressing Electron Multipacting in Coaxial Lines by DC Voltage
Pasi Ylä-Oijala - Rof-Nevanlinna Institute
application/pdf TESLA 1997-22 (5.7 MB)
Resistive Wall Wake Fields (Diploma Thesis)
Holger Schlarb - Universität Hamburg