Recent FLASH Upgrades


It includes a new experimental Hall to double the number of user stations and an additional variable-gap undulator in a separate tunnel to be able to deliver two largely independent wavelengths to two different user stations simultaneously. The electron beam is switched between the present fixed-gap undulator line of FLASH (now referred to as FLASH1) and the new variable gap undulator FLASH2.

Schematic layout of FLASH with its two beamlines FLASH1 and FLASH2. Not to scale.

Upgrade 2009

The major FLASH upgrade in 2009 included:

New accelerating modules (ACC1 & ACC7)
New third harmonic cavities, 3.9 GHz (ACC39)
Upgraded and new RF stations (2, 3 & 6)
Upgraded waveguide distribution
New RF Gun
Installtion of the seeding Experiment sFLASH
move LOLA downstream in fornt of SASE undulators


Overview after Upgrade 2009

Upgrade 2007

The major upgrade of FLASH in 2007 included:

Exchange of module 3* (ACC3) by module 7
Repair of module 5 (ACC5)
Installation of a new module 6 (ACC6)
New magnet power supplies
Change and redesign of the RF gun diagnostic section
New BPMs incl. BC3
New synchrotron radiation beamline (BC3)
New phase monitors
Optical replica device
New OTR+WS stations
Modification dogleg vacuum chamber
Fast orbit feedback system
New MCP detectors for more efficient photon energy detection
A new Infrared/THz undulator downstream the SASE undulators
Infrared/THz beamline to the experimental hall